At Oak Creek Wood Products, we don’t just provide high-quality wood pallets and custom crating. As part of our commitment to the environment, we also recycle unwanted or unusable wood into high-quality mulch for landscaping or agricultural use.

Not Just Pallets! Oak Creek Wood Products Mulch

As part of our wood pallet buyback and recycling program, we can turn unused wood, whether big or small pieces, into high-quality wood mulch and animal bedding.

  • Wood Mulch from Recycled Pallets

    As a wood pallet company, we know when shipping pallets have reached the end of their life, and because we’re dedicated to sustainability in all our operations, we’re happy to recycle unwanted wood pallets into chips for all sorts of purposes, mainly mulch or bedding for livestock. We can even dye the mulch to match any landscaping look.

  • Pallet Recycling vs Remanufactured Pallets

    Before a wood pallet gets turned into mulch, we use as much of the wood as we can in other projects. After a rigorous testing process, any wood of a certain quality grade can be used in remanufactured pallets as components like blocks or deck boards. We can also use recycled wood in custom crating or bracing materials instead of recycling it into high-quality landscaping mulch.

Oak Creek Wood Products: Your Full-Service Wood Pallet Recycling Company

At Oak Creek Wood Products, we have a fleet of trucks and trailers ready to pick up your used wood pallets for recycling and refurbishing. Contact us today for information about recycling wood pallets or mulch!


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