Pallets & Skids

No matter what types of products your company ships and stores, your shipping pallets need to be easy to use, easy to track, durable, and cost-effective. This can all be achieved by partnering with Oak Creek Wood Products. Whatever your wooden pallet needs, Oak Creek Wood Products has the right type of pallet for you. We can also help you design custom logistics solutions with our pallet design software.

Pallets Provided by Oak Creek Wood Products

Custom Built Pallets from Oak Creek Wood Products48 x 40 Pallets

Probably the most common type of wood pallet is the 48 × 40 Pallet, also known as the GMA pallet. This wood pallet size became popular for the shipping and deliver of groceries - it is called a GMA pallet because it was first adopted by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (now called the Consumer Brands Association). With a standardized shipping pallet size, logistics became much easier as pallets of goods could be easily transferred from manufacturer, to warehouse, and to retail.

Benefits of GMA Pallets
Standard size for a shipping pallet means that forklifts and pallet jacks can easily pick up the pallet moving it around a warehouse or load it onto a truck. This pallet size also maximizes space during transport and storage.

48 × 40 Pallet Specs
48 × 40 Pallets have deck boards that are 5/16 inches thick and 3 inches wide. They can be accessed by forklift in two ways (from either short end) or four ways (on all sides).

Block Pallets

Wood pallets are in use for shipping and storage worldwide. There are more shipping pallet types than most people know about, including Block Pallets. All wood pallets are made with decking boards and a base that allows for forklift and pallet jack access, but they differ in construction, type of wood, sizes, weights, and other aspects.

Wooden Block Pallets are made up of nine solid wooden blocks that provide a strong, stable base. These blocks allow forklifts to access the pallet from all four sides, distinguishing it as a "four-way pallet". A Block Pallet typically measures 39 inches by 47 inches.

Benefits of Block Pallets

  • Available in both new and recycled wood
  • Lightweight
  • 4-way access
  • Easy to move
  • Versatile in weight
Custom Built Pallets from Oak Creek Wood Products Custom Built Pallets from Oak Creek Wood Products

Can Pallets

While the standardized 48 x 40 GMA pallet size is a popular choice among shipping pallets, Can Pallets are designed for optimal transportation and storage products in glass containers and metal cans. The canned goods market is one of the fastest growing business sectors due to the demand for convenient foods, meaning the canned goods distribution infrastructure is growing too, requiring more options for shipping and storing.

Can Pallet Specs

  • Filled Can Pallets – Since they’re carrying heavier goods, can pallets made for filled cans are a little larger and more sturdy, generally measuring 36 x 36 inches.
  • Empty Can Pallets – An empty Can Pallet is larger, typically 44 x 56 inches, and may also have a top frame so cans stay in place during shipping.

Euro Pallets

If your company is in need of shipping pallets that can be used both in the United States and in European countries, you need a pallet company that understands both. Oak Creek Wood Products produces high-quality, durable, Euro Pallets for a multitude of industries, ensuring that goods can be transported throughout the world without hassle. Standard wood pallets for the U.S. have certain sizes and requirements, differing from European shipping regulations. For companies that ship overseas, understanding the Euro Pallet is crucial.

European Standard Shipping Pallet Size
The standard size for wood pallets used in Europe is 80 cm x 120 cm (31.5 x 47.2 inches) with a height of 14.4 cm (5.7 inches). Euro Pallets need to be rated up to 1,500 kg.

Euro Pallet Features
Euro Pallets are constructed utilizing treated wood with wide deck boards for superior support, as well as a thick wooden block construction that allows for four-way access to the pallet.

Custom Built Pallets from Oak Creek Wood Products Custom Built Pallets from Oak Creek Wood Products

Glass Pallets

For heavier goods stored in containers made of glass, shipping pallets need to be both sturdy and lightweight. Glass Pallets have a specific construction so they can easily transport and store heavy loads. Because products stored in glass jars and metal cans are much heavier than other goods, the wood pallets used to transport and warehouse these goods need to be sturdy and durable. Glass Pallets are constructed with components that are thicker to better distribute weight, and they are often two-way pallets. Though plastic pallets have been in use for glass and cans, businesses are switching back to wood pallets for their repairability, durability, and lower cost.

Glass Pallet Specs
A Glass Pallet is 54 inches long, 44 inches wide, and 5.25 inches tall. The standard weight is 70 pounds.

Hardwood Pallets

Of all the logistic solutions available to businesses, Hardwood Pallets are the perfect choice because of their unique blend of affordability and durability - with most kinds of wood pallets, you are forced to choose one or the other. But Hardwood Pallets from Oak Creek Wood Products offer a durable, strong shipping solution that won’t break your budget.

Benefits of Quality Hardwood Pallets for Commercial Shipping & Warehousing:

  • Strength – Hardwoods are stronger than other pallet materials such as pine wood.
  • Durability – A Hardwood Pallet has a longer life than lightweight stringer pallets.
  • Recyclable – Hardwood Pallets can be remanufactured at the end of their life.

Heat-Treated and Kiln Dried Pallet TreatmentHeat-Treated Pallets

Heat-Treated Pallets are required for international shipping because the heat-treating process makes the wood pallet resistant to moisture and pests. Ultimately, wood pallets are subject to mold growth and attract certain pests. That’s why wood pallets used in shipping internationally need treatment to kill pests and make the wood sterile.

To ensure a quality pallet, Oak Creek Wood Products uses special heat treating equipment to heat wood pallets (and any other wood shipping products) to a temperature of 140 degrees or more for a minimum of 30 minutes to kill any pests and their larvae. We also stamp our Heat-Treated Pallets.

Kiln Dried Heat-Treated (KDHT) Pallets

At Oak Creek Wood Products, we supply Kiln Dried Heat-Treated (KDHT) wood pallets for all industries, made from the highest quality wood. KDHT Pallets are the perfect choice for the international shipping of heavy-duty goods.

Why Choose a Kiln Dried Heat Treated Pallet?
KDHT Pallets are put through a sanitizing process that ensure the wood pallets are strong and durable while being resistant to pests, bacteria, and mold. International shipping regulations require Heat-Treated Pallets so pests aren’t spread across the world.