Recycled Container Management

Recycled Containers from Oak Creek WoodWhen it comes to shipping materials, remanufactured pallets can be a quality alternative to newly constructed pallets. Oak Creek Wood Products offers both newly built and remanufactured pallets to customers nationwide. Not only do we produce new pallets and design custom shipping materials for domestic and international shipping, but Oak Creek Wood Products also carries the very best in remanufactured, AKA recycled pallets.

About Remanufactured Pallets

Though all kinds of recycled pallets are economical and durable, they have different grades depending on the quality of the wood used in them. A "Grade A" (#1) remanufactured pallet is made from high-quality recycled wood with only have a few repairs needed. #1 typically have had less use than other recycled pallet grades.

  • Standard 7 top deck boards and 5 bottom boards
  • Average 2.5 to 3.5-inch spacing
  • Only certain kinds of repairs allowed
  • Boards are replaced instead of stapled

A Grade B (#2) remanufactured wood pallet is more economical than new pallets or #1 pallets, but they are made from lower-quality recycled wood. This means #2 wood pallets are often used for one-way and short supply chains.

  • Similar specs as to the number, width, and spacing of deck boards
  • Can have more numerous and serious repairs like plugs, plates, or staples

If you want to save money without sacrificing the quality of your wood pallets, Oak Creek Wood Products has the best remanufactured pallets and recycled wood pallets for all your shipping needs.