Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is an important addition to wood pallets because it sanitizes the shipping pallet and meets international shipping standards, allowing the export of goods on wood pallets. For heat treatment for wood pallets in Wisconsin, Oak Creek Wood Products is the commercial shipping solutions company to call.

Oak Creek Wood Products: Heat Treatment and KDHT Pallets

  • Why heat treat wood pallets?

    The heat treatment process is designed to sanitize and kill live insects and their larvae that may lurk in wood pallets, also preventing mold growth and infestation during shipping. While shipping pallets can be treated with chemicals, heat treating is safe for storing and shipping goods while also protecting the global supply chain from contamination.

  • The Oak Creek Wood Products Heat Treatment Process

    Oak Creek Wood Products has certified heat treatment capabilities. In specialized kilns that fit all sizes of shipping pallets, we bring our wood pallets up to temperature and keep them there long enough to sanitize the wood. Our wood pallet expert monitors the entire heat-treating process to ensure a quality product that conforms to all international shipping standards.

  • ISPM-15 Standard for Heat-Treated Shipping Pallets

    The ISPM-15 Standard for phytosanitary measures requires that wood pallets or crates used for exporting purposes are treated to kill any wood-borne pests. The most widely used method to comply with ISPM-15 is heat treatment. This is achieved by maintaining a constant core temperature of 135°F for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Best Heat Treating Services in WI: Oak Creek Wood Products

Ready to improve your commercial shipping game? Want to expand your business with international shipping? You need quality heat-treated wood pallets from a reliable pallet supplier. Let us be that supplier.

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