There are more types of wooden shipping pallets than most logistics managers know of, including all grades of remanufactured pallets that have had parts replaced and repaired. Combo pallets are a mix of new and recycled parts made by a trusted wood pallet supplier like Oak Creek Wood Products.

Combo #1 and #2 Remanufactured Pallets

Combining the requirements of Grade A Pallets and Grade B Wood Pallets, a combo remanufactured pallet provides durable support to heavy goods during shipping and storage. Pallet standards include:

  • New stringers
  • Reclaimed deck boards
  • Can be manufactured to custom specs

Quality Combo Remanufactured Wood Pallets: Oak Creek Wood Products

We build all our recycled wood pallets to your specifications, with your company’s needs in mind. In addition, we also offer new pallets, kiln-dried heat-treated pallets, custom-designed pallets, and more.

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