KDHT Pallet

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At Oak Creek Wood Products, we supply kiln dried heat treated wood pallets for all industries, made from the highest quality wood or using the latest remanufacturing techniques. KDHT pallets are the perfect choice for the international shipping of heavy-duty goods.

Why Choose a Kiln Dried Heat Treated Pallet

KD HT pallets are put through a sanitizing process that ensures that the wood pallets are strong, durable, as well as resistant to pests, bacteria, and mold. International shipping regulations require heat-treated pallets so that pests aren’t spread across the world.

  • Trust the Heat Treated Pallet Experts at Oak Creek Wood Products

    Ready to take your shipping solutions to the next level? For high-quality wood pallets with the latest heat-treating technology, look no further than KDHT pallets from Oak Creek Wood Products.

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