Heat Treated Pallet

Heat-treated pallets are required for international shipping because the heat-treating process makes the wood pallet resistant to moisture and pests.

Heat Treated Pallets

  • Why heat treat wood pallets?

    Ultimately, wood pallets are subject to mold growth and are attractive to certain pests. When shipping goods overseas on wooden pallets, these pests can also travel around. That’s why wood pallets used in shipping internationally need treatment to kill pests and make the wood sterile.

  • The Wood Pallet Heat Treating Process

    To ensure a quality pallet, Oak Creek Wood Products uses special heat treating equipment to heat wood pallets (and any other wood shipping products) to a temperature of 140 degrees or more for a minimum of 30 minutes to kill any pests and their larvae. We also stamp our heat-treated pallets.

For the Best Heat Treated Pallets, Oak Creek Wood Products is Your Trusted Logistics Company

At Oak Creek Wood Products, wood pallets are what we do. We carry the highest quality wood pallets, heat-treated pallets, KDHT pallets, and more, and we also offer heat-treating services for your shipping pallets.

If you’re thinking of heat-treated pallets for your shipping needs, contact Oak Creek Wood Products today!

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