Euro Pallet

Oak Creek Wood Products: Euro Pallets and US Pallets for International Shipping

If your company is in need of shipping pallets that can be used both in the United States and in European countries, you need a US wood pallet company that understands both. Oak Creek Wood Products carries high-quality, durable Euro pallets for all kinds of industries, ensuring that your goods can go anywhere in the world without hassle.

More About Euro Pallets

Standard wood pallets for the US have certain sizes and requirements, and these differ from European shipping regulations. For companies that ship overseas, understanding the Euro Pallet is crucial.

  • European Standard Shipping Pallet Size

    The standard size for wood pallets used in Europe is 80 cm by 120 cm (31.5 by 47.2 inches) with a height of 14.4 cm (5.7 inches). Euro pallets need to be rated up to 1,500 kg.

  • Euro Pallet Features

    These pallets are constructed of treated wood with wide deck boards for superior support, as well as a thick wooden block construction that allows for four-way access to the pallet.

Would Euro pallets work for your logistics needs? Contact Oak Creek Wood Products for a consultation about our quality wood shipping pallets.

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