Can Pallet

While the standardized GMA pallet size is a popular choice among shipping pallets, can pallets are designed differently to best transport and store products in glass containers and metal cans.

All About Can Pallets

The canned goods market is one of the fastest growing business sectors due to the demand for convenient foods, and the canned goods distribution infrastructure is growing too, giving more options for shipping and storing goods.

Can Pallet Specs

  • Filled Can Pallets – Since they’re carrying heavier goods, can pallets made for filled cans are a little larger and more sturdy and generally measure 36 x 36 inches.
  • Empty Can Pallets – An empty can pallet is larger at 44 x 56 inches, and may also have a top frame so that can stay in place during shipping.

Oak Creek Wood Products: Can Pallets, Glass Pallets, and Quality Wood Pallet Options

At Oak Creek Wood Products, we understand what companies need from their shipping pallets, and that’s ease of use, durability, and cost. That’s why we carry a wide range of wood pallet types to meet every need, including heavy-load pallets like can pallets.

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