Block Pallet

Wood pallets are in use for shipping and storage worldwide, and there are more shipping pallet types than most people know, including block pallets. All wood pallets are made with decking boards and a base that allows for forklift and pallet jack access, but they differ in construction, type of wood, sizes, weights, and other aspects.

What is a Block Pallet?

Wooden block pallets are so called because they’re made up of nine solid wooden blocks that provide a strong, stable base. These blocks allow forklifts to access the pallet from all four sides, making it also a four-way pallet. Usually, a block pallet measures 39 inches by 47 inches.

Benefits of Block Pallets

  • Available in both new and recycled wood
  • Lightweight
  • 4-way access
  • Easy to move
  • Versatile in weight

Oak Creek Wood Products: Block Pallets for All Industries

If your company is looking for logistics solutions, Oak Creek Wood Products is the company to call, with a wide variety of shipping services like heat treating, CAD pallet design, as well as both new and recycled wood pallets.

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