Discover the benefits of remanufactured pallets

Shipping managers who want to maximize their operations’ efficiency and reduce costs should strongly consider using remanufactured pallets. These quality products efficiently transport a variety of goods, while being significantly more cost-effective than new wooden pallets due to the utilization of recycled materials in construction. Customization opportunities mean that any specifications or size requirements can be met with ease—saving up to 40% on production!

Our wood pallet remanufacturing process breathes new life into old pallets, reclaiming valuable lumber and giving it a second chance. With salvaged components and careful craftsmanship, our finished products look close to brand-new – all while being kinder to the environment than traditional discard methods.

Companies that need specialized pallets for their needs, such as those in manufacturing or food & beverage fields, can benefit from the cost-savings of remanufactured solutions. Remanufacturing is particularly useful when shipping one-way shipments and small quantities of goods or material requiring unique board spacing.

At Oak Creek Wood Products LLC, we specialize in providing pallets to suit any operations and budget. From new or reconditioned models to our unique remanufactured variety – whatever your needs may be, it’s our pleasure to provide you with exactly the right solution! Contact us today so that together we can find a superior pallet option for you.

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